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Frequently Asked Questions

04/01/2020 by ccbass0077

How To Upload Your Listing

Sign Up – Subscribe – Login – Submit Listing

* If you need Help uploading your listing to our site please let us know, we’d be happy to help.


* Payments are non-refundable as we start marketing as soon as you join.

Advertising and Marketing Vacation Rental Listing Site

Will Lodgify, OwnerRez and etc. Work On BookDirectVacationRental.com

Yes! See help item below to help you generate the code and to get even more bookings!

Will My Booking Platform Work On BookDirectVacationRental.com

Yes! Just send us the code to put in your listing and you’ll be good to go. Or ask your support team at Lodgify, OwnerRez, etc to help you generate the code to get many more bookings!

Can I advertise my own vacation rental website on BookDirectVacationRental.com?

Yes! This is exactly who it is for. We list all your direct contact info, social media, and links directly to your site where you book your guests direct.

What are the steps to get listed?
  1. Sign up to site
  2. Go to subscription page and pay Click “Get Started Now” Button
  3. We will verify and activate your account soon after that
  4. Log in to add new listing (you will see listings available in left side of account profile
  5. Fill out listing, upload images and add a calendar feed Click Here To See How To Upload Your Listing
  6. We can help you if needed
  7. The marketing and advertising starts
Do we take a percentage from bookings?

No. We are an advertising and marketing platform listing you on our network that receives over a million views monthly, and growing. An example of our network reach

Will my listing get buried and not found?

No. We are limiting our listings to 500 select properties focused on showcasing owners and their property only.

Images 1920px x 1080px or 1280px x 720px works well. Generally a 16:9 ratio or close is good. Accepted file formats: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg. Need to compress your image file size? Many DIY online services are available. 24 Images included with each listing.

Need help? Just reach out to us.


Will the subscription price increase?

Price will never increase for the current subscribers as long as they are continuous and in good standing.

Where does all the online traffic come from?

In short, from 2 main sources, Search Engine Optimization for our listing site(s) that show on the 1st page search results and a massive social presence. We get millions of views to our network. Our social network is Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram and anywhere listings can be shared, followed and liked.

Will this help my Search Engine Optimization results?

Yes. We practice on-site as well as off-site(links point to your website) to help continue to build your brand, business and growth.

I'm not very computer savvy, can you help?

Yes, of course. This is a main reason why we are limiting our sign-ups and subscriptions. We make the owners individual rental listing the priority, not our listing site.

How do I retarget potential guests that may be interested but do not book right away?

Having a good email collection system to be able to stay in touch periodically is how you will stay top-of-mind.

Some like to use text message marketing and others direct potential guests to their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

I'm hearing about booking direct more and more. Is this something many do?

Yes. It is estimated that over half of all bookings for vacation rentals is Booking Direct. Mainly for convenience and direct communication between hosts and guests prior to booking, adding a sense of relationship instead of being hid until someone books. It’s the OTA’s way to thwart booking direct. 🙂

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

For Travelers who want to save $:

It’s easy, find your perfect rental home then book direct with the owner/manager and save money. Phone, email or visit their website to contact and book directly with them. No more excessive booking fees, pop-ups, upsells to bait and switch pricing, etc.

www.BookDirectVacationRental.com is a third party rental agency. Information within this website is provided to us by a third party. We are not responsible for reservations, guarantees or refunds. When you use the contact form, you will be directed to the individual responsible for the property.

Prior to paying a reservation deposit, always verify payment instructions with the owner or manager by calling the phone number published on the listing.

Contact the owners for information not included in the property description. A phone conversation can go a long way! Just as much as you are curious about the owner, they are curious about you. Engage in a healthy conversation and get to know one another.

When you are ready to book, review and sign a rental agreement and remember to read it carefully — each rental has their own cancellation policies and house rules.

We highly recommend calling the telephone number published on the property listing page to confirm your reservation and payment details.

For Our Owners:

After submitting your listing we encourage you to share, post and expose your listing page link that tells travelers they are about to save a lot of money. SEE EXAMPLE HERE (CLICK)

We market heavily on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and more. *We do not charge extra for this; it is included. Your business of giving quality service as well as savings to your guests are in your hands.

Premium marketing resources to help you book your Florida vacation rental more.


Q: I’m already on a “listing” site for vacation rentals that has seen a decline in my bookings, why this marketing website?

A: Travelers are getting tired of so many added charges and “pop ups” showing hotel rooms competing for bookings. Many owners are lowering the nightly rental price to offset the increased costs from these sites; All the while paying even more to be listed. We are a MARKETING SITE FOR YOUR PROPERTY RENTAL WEBSITE. Owners are taking their businesses back for sole control. Plus – 100% of travelers we surveyed said budget is a top priority!

Q: How often should my rental be marketed?

A: 24/7/365


Q: When do people usually search for vacation rentals?

A: Anytime that’s convenient.


Q: Why do I need my own rental property website?

A: Costs have risen dramatically for Travelers as well as Owners. People want to save more money and are looking for Vacation Rental Home Owners that book direct.


Q: How are we different?

A: Our site is Branding, Message and Call To Action for your listing.


Q: Why has search engine terms increased for “No Service Fee” & “No Booking Fee” Vacations Rentals/Homes?

A: Costs have risen dramatically for Travelers as well as Owners. People want to save more money and are looking for Vacation Rental Home Owners that book direct.


Q: Why do we use Stripe for your subscription?

A: Established, Secure and Trusted online payment solution.


Q: We have our own rental property website, can we still list that through your service?

A: Yes, we promote owners own website to drive traffic and build their own business.


Q: Also, do you assist with guest verification and if so how?

A:  No we do not verify guests, that is done from your own website and yourself.


Q: When we list our website through you the guest finds it here and then links to our website and pays etc through there?

A : Yes your website payment solution is where you handle all payments. We want to keep it simple. We encourage an active calendar link on our listing site. People can contact you via email, phone numbers provided or go directly to your site with our direct link(to your site).


Our network is massive and growing every day. We get over a million views monthly. Not only are we on 1st results pages on all the search engines(book direct vacation rentals/homes – no booking fees homes/rentals), but our Social Network is one of the largest. 

Some of our websites you’ll find on search engine 1st results pages are https://www.nobookingfeevacationhomes.com/ and https://www.bookdirectvacationrental.com/ 


Q: What about travel insurance?

A: We think it is a good idea. Many credit cards already provide travel insurance with their plans. Check details to make sure or ez affordable travel insurance can be purchased online for your vacation home rental experience. With the money people are saving booking direct, some vacation rental owners include it free.


Q: How does the book now button work?

A: It is a direct link to your website when someone is looking to book.


Q: What is the total size of my listing file with images?

A: You are allotted 20 megabytes per listing.


Q: Why don’t we offer a complete booking/payment system.

A: So the traveler and owner connect to make meaningful contact, clarify details, and to stay out of your business.:)

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